Can a Catholic widower and widow have sex before marriage without sin?

We are both free to marry in the Catholic church. I believe sex before marriage under any circumstances is wrong; he does not. We are both of advanced age.

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19 Comments to “Can a Catholic widower and widow have sex before marriage without sin?”


    No, it’s still fornication.

  • Misty


    It doesn’t matter your age or the fact that you are widowed. If you are unmarried, sex is a sin.

  • macattakk2000

    fornication is fornication….rationalization is rationalization

  • I am Legion - for we are many

    i think it would be quicker for the catholics to tell us what isnt a sin

  • Bobby Jim

    Fornication is fornication regardless of age.
    Tell him to stop hitting on you until after you are married.
    If he won’t marry you, then move on.

    Read Paul’s 1 letter to the Corinthians…
    1 Cor. 7:1&2

  • C

    You are correct.

    No matter the age, if he is wanting that kind of relationship, he should be out buying a ring…..

    Good Luck and God Bless!

  • faithful

    Lust is blind to truth, and you are only an object when you go there. you know the catholic church does not permit this on paper and i wouldn’t be surprised to if they let this ride, though.

    Is there a time when a bed isn’t defiled, making a marriage honorable?
    Are you two so special, like Senior citizens specials, and exempt from sin now that your ” WIDOWER AND WIDOW? You sound just like all the rest of the sinners saved by grace Modern Church PEOPLE

  • star

    the Law of God cuts through all religions.

    it says sex is sacred … ONLY done in a marriage.

    if your husband to be dares to blatantly defy God’s Law,
    why would you want him for a husband …

    would a man who isn’t godly treat you right …

  • Sldgman


    Sex outside the context of marriage is always a sin.

  • Ray M

    Sex before marriage is wrong. Doesn’t matter who.

    So you are right, he is wrong. It sounds like he wants the milk without buying the cow. If he really respected you, he wouldn’t have this attitude.

  • farconville

    It’s nice to have someone around to hold and love you. Get married and be happy. Peace!

  • Daver


    No – because that would constitute sex out of wedlock.


    You’re right. He’s wrong.

  • sparki777

    You are correct, he is wrong.

    ANY couple, no matter what their age, cannot engage in licit sexual intercourse without being married to each other first.

    If he refuses to marry you, I suggest you stop seeing him.

  • Veritatum17

    Sex is reserved, by God, for marriage. Regardless of age or propensity to conceive, premarital or extramarital sex is always sinful and forbidden.

  • Danielle B

    In Catholic theology (acknowledged by most Christian churches) sex is only morally exercised within the bond of marriage. If he truly loves you, he should respect your beliefs about morality and marriage. If he does not respect these, he does not love you. If you are truly free to marry, then why not marry?

  • Kyle

    you can never have sex without sin in the catholic church

  • Kimberly Rose

    While I’m not Catholic, my husband was raised in the Catholic church, and remembers that sex before marriage is not cool, regardless of age or being married before (the same holds true for Protestants that aren’t too liberal). I think you’re right, so get married and have sex then :)

  • imacatholic2

    You are correct.

    God is concerned with how we treat each other.

    We have been instructed to love
    + Our neighbor as we love ourselves
    + One another as Jesus loved us

    When we treat each other like sex objects, when sex is taking instead of giving, we damage the human dignity of both our partner and ourselves.

    True giving of yourself to another in a sacramental marriage is what love is all about.

    Marriage is a symbol of God’s creation of the world in an act of divine love and self-outpouring.

    Marriage is a symbol of the love, commitment, intensity, and passion of Christ for the Church for which He laid down His life.

    Christians take sex very seriously because it is a glorious gift from God that lets us feel just a bit like God. We become lovers, givers, and creators.

    With love in Christ.

  • Slave to GOD

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