Christianity: What is the difference between God, Holy Spirit and the Father?

Are not God and ‘the Father’ from Trinity the exact same? Then what is Holy Spirit? I know that Trinity (the Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit) is considered as ‘One’ in essence.

Please attempt to provide clear, brief answer in simple language. Also, I require answers, not quotes.
Come on Christians!! :(

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  • Prophecy Exists

    Christianity teaches that there is just one G-d–the creator of the universe. In fact, when Yeshua was asked what the greatest commandment was (see the book of Mark chapter 12, verses 28-30), he quoted the Shema (the book of Deuteronomy chapter 6, verse 4; “Hear O Israel, the L-rd our G-d is one L-rd”). However, this one G-d is a compound unity, as hinted at in the Shema. The Hebrew language has two words that can be translated “one”: echad and yachid. Whereas yachid refers to the number one (i.e., absolute unity), echad refers to a composite unity. An example of this is in the book of Genesis chapter 2, verse 24, where it says that a couple joined together in marriage shall become one flesh. Since the Shema uses the word echad, not yachid, it is reasonable to say that G-d’s essence or nature is that of a composite unity.

  • Fireball

    three diff functions…the spirit is his power that converts./

  • Sylar

    They are the same God with three different forms. kind of like water. water has three forms: solid, liquid, and gas. but it’s still all water. the Christianity’s view of God is much the same. three different parts with three different functions.
    EDIT: well what other answers did you expect? is there still uncertainties that haven’t been answered? if so, then ask away my friend!

  • Becca Wawa

    The father is God. Jesus is the son of God. The Holy spirit is Gods love for us. I have never believed they are all the same being.

  • Generic Human

    One of them’s made-up, the other one’s imaginary and the last one’s make-believe.

  • Danial Fiqueree

    confuse aren’t you?

  • HeIsVigilante

    Okay, this is the Catholic perspective (which is also shared by some other Christian denominations):

    God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit — they are 3 separate divinities, but are solidly one.

    God the Father is not God the Son (and vice versa.)
    God the Father is not God the Holy Spirit (and vice versa.)
    God the Son is not the Holy Spirit (and vice versa.)

    However, they are one in being.

    Think of it this way; my name is Bryan, and I am a son, a friend and a student.

    Another way of visualizing this concept of the trinity is an egg — an egg wouldn’t be an egg without its shell, its white substance and the yolk.

    It’s hard to grasp, but that’s what have been the greatest mysteries of the Christian faith.

  • Muhammad Body of Dog

    Three Persons – One God.

    Jesus is known as the Word. He is one person (not just one part) of the Trinity and is seen by some religions as less than God due to His subservient nature during His life on Earth in human form.

    The Holy Spirit is God’s Character & Power leading some to think of the Holy Spirit as an energy source or tool of God rather than a real person. Nothing could be further from the truth as the Holy Spirit is the actual character of God, unrelenting yet humble, omnipotent yet patient, all powerful yet gentle and often displayed in art as a dove.

    God the Father is God in fullness and power which might lead one to think of God the Father as all-of-God and the other two persons as attributes or servants of God, but the understanding of God in human terms will always be severely limited in this life and will be a continual process of revelation in the next. God’s nature is to be all things holy and therefore separate from evil. However, God the Father is never separate from the Son or the Spirit but is sometimes identified as such due to the progression of revelation.

    It is worth noting that if God had revealed Himself as the Trinity initially, it would have been difficult for man to then accept the concept of one God, but God’s nature is not separate so it was crucial for us to see God as one before we could understand and accept the Trinity to any degree. The fact that we do not and can not fully understand the Trinity does not negate the many scriptures beginning as far back as Genesis that identify God as a plural term and using words like “we” where God is essentially talking by Himself.

    The Bible also clearly identifies Jesus as the I AM and Jesus clearly identifies the Holy Spirit as a person when He say He will send another. The scriptures tell the story. Now it is for us to try to gain wisdom into their meaning.

  • Tim

    There is a spirit in man and the inspiration of the Almighty gives understanding. Why do so many atheists keep trying to convince themselves there is no God. I certainly do not believe they are trying to convince me. The unpardonable sin is the sin against the Holy Ghost. Also misery loves company.

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