Finding out more about Christianity?

i not too long ago turned christian and i would like to find out more about the religion and god any everything. i currently go to church, sunday school, and youth group. is there any christian tv show or very good site christian newspaper or magazine or one thing that i can discover more from?

thank youu. <3
yes i do have a bible.
two of them that i read daily.

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  • LeeLee

    Read your Bible daily. You DO have a Bible don’t you?

  • problem

    Read your Bible.

  • Infernus

    Anna, I’m not an atheist if you were referring to me. I understand the bible, better than you obviously if you actually believe it’s a “holy” book.

  • Berry123

    check out

    You can read the Bible in a lot of different translations. They have study tools, and you can listen to it online also

  • Anna P

    Do NOT go to the websites that the atheists post! They do NOT understand the Bible and they are false.

    Congratulations on your important decision! I like “Experiencing the Heart of Jesus” by Max Lucado–very good workbook.

    When you have questions, ask them and get an answer. You do not need to accept everything, and good mentors will provide both answers and Biblical backup for those answers. I would also listen to Christian inspirational music–I like the contemporary kind, and listen to it while driving.

  • frank_adams917

    Give cash!!!!

    Lots of CASH to the church!!!!!!

  • echoingforeternity

    Welcome home young one!!!
    God bless you!

  • Ms. Lady

    to grow closer to God, you must have a personal relationship with Him.

    have a daily conversation with God. study His word and He will speak to your heart.

    best wishes to you and I’m very happy that you want to grow closer to God.

    be blessed.

  • SL

    I am so happy for you!

    I turned Christian 6 years ago too, and still living in the joy of the Lord!

    The Bible is the BEST BOOK to find out more about Jesus.

    It is the world’s number ONE best selling book!

    Start from the gospel of John in the New Testament and read from there.

    Alternatively you can also go to : (christian song)

  • †h€ Úñ£€ß¡£€ Ñám€

    congrats :)
    but the best way to grow is to read your bible daily and pray daily

  • ticd

    if found these pertty neat… about the Star of Jesus about americas christian heritage about isreal about the lost tribes a jewish man converted to christianty, zola levitt

  • kickin_boots

    Here’s a couple of Christian sites to help you with some of the issue Christians confront today.

  • Offthecharts

    awesome! congrats on your new relationship with the Lord! A great way to grow is to pray everyday. you don’t have to schedule a specific time, just whenever you see fitting. for example, I always pray when an ambulance goes flying by

  • PastorLars

    Get involved with a mentor at your church. It would not be right for me to guide you to another church or site. Learn from your pastor and mentor. Once you have gained in maturity then read other stuff.

  • Crazy Bee

    Good for you. I’m very proud of you. CBN, 700 Club, and TBN, Praise the Lord. I don’t know where you live, but there’s some on the west coast also. These two are nation wide. If you writwe some of these preachers on these shows they will send you their monthly mags.for free. I like” Charismatic “fairly well too.

  • Faith

    I subscribe to many daily devotionals, which are very inspiring and encouraging for daily life. These will come to your email daily if you go to Good Blessings to you! :)

    Edit: And also this site has great audio ministry!

  • Bipolar Birdy

    Th CARM website is interesting.

  • jeremy k

    My favorite is They also have a link for free online christian radio, verying from christian rock to contemporary to just the word. But remember man, don’t rely on these sites. Rely 100 percent on you’re bible. Think of these sites as just entertainment.You’re bible will never steer you wrong. There are alot of false prophets out there who would love to mislead a new comer of Christ. Beware! talk to you’re pastor if you have a question. And most importantly READ YOU’RE BIBLE.

    GOD bless

  • kut77less

    ok dont let people tell you that there are so called “conterdisions” there are none just read it carefully and i recomend you read the king james version of the bible also dont let you people tell you about evoltion and all that stuff but if you spesfic about evoliton you can ask me at just email and ask questoins about evoltion and dinsouars. you can go to websites like answersingensis or dr. dino .com and read books by people like grant jeffery.

  • NickofTyme
  • Ernest S

    Problem is that you do not really want to learn from man for two reasons.

    1. It is by revelation and receiving from God that your new life will grow. This is the way that God ordains. Christ, Who is our example, could do nothing of Himself but only what He saw or heard or was shown from the Father, see John 5.
    Peter knew by revelation from the Father in Matthew 16. Revelation is what Christ’s church is and will be built on and nothing can prevail against that. Christ did not openly declare Who He was, but only affirmed the truth to those who identified Him, so as not to offend that principle.
    John tells us in his epistle, that it is the Annointing, the Holy Spirit, Who will guide us and teach us.
    We are to learn to depend upon God for everything and to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. We are to learn this. Christ promised the Comforter, the Spirit of truth, Who would come to us and teach us and remind us of all the things He has said – so we must read the Bible.

    2. Men may mislead or deceive us, and may have many errors themselves. We dare not trust them but must check everything against the Bible the word of truth, which is a more sure word to which we must pay attention especially as the day approaches. 2 Peter 1.
    Men are full of themselves and few live from the Spirit of God no matter what they claim. You can know by their fruits.
    Most in the churches live a fleshly life and are unwilling to deny themselves and daily take up the cross and follow Christ. Luke 9. They will certainly not want you to for they will be convicted of their ways, so they will teach you to live as they do.
    But Christ calls you to follow Him and not them, and to learn and develop that personal walk with Him. Most will inhibit that since they are not doing it themselves. Do not be deceived.

    By all means do not cut yourself off from church or meeting with other Christians, for some, not many, will be an encouragement, but be very careful to hold fast to Christ and what He says in the Bible and not to what others say and their dead traditions which they so love.

    We tend to live by example and sadly the example of perhaps the majority who say they are Christians is poor, very poor, and many probably do not even know the Lord. We are to discern what is of God and what is of man. You must always go to Christ for life and use the Bible to guide you and through it He will speak to you. We are to live from God and not from our own strength. Ask Him to show you. It is an inward work of God, we cannot work the works of God or do God’s work for Him John 6/28-29, but are to labour to enter a rest from our own works Hebrews 4/10-11. That does not mean we are passive but that we walk in and do that which God shows us. What God shows us personally and not what men say and teach.

    The best thing you can do is to pray and read the Bible and consider carefully asking God to show you and open your understanding. The carnal mind, or the mere intellect is insufficient, we have to receive that inward, spiritual enlightenment from the Lord. Man cannot give that.

    Scripture interprets scripture. To help understand a verse or passage find other similar in the Bible and a picture will begin to emerge. Of course you will need to be familiar with the whole Bible. Therefore devote yourself to that, it will be of immense benefit.
    To assist you, obtain two aids, a concordance, and especially, The Treasury of Scriptural Knowledge, which is a compilation of Scripture cross references, it is invaluable.

    The best free Bible programme is undoubtedly E-Sword, at It is the best by far. If you want to donate to them fine, but it is not obligatory. Both a concordance and the Treasury of Scriptural Knowledge are on E-Sword.
    Do read Hoekstra’s daily devotions which are on E-Sword for you will surely find excellent direction.

    I recommend you read and know well the Gospel of John and the Epistle to the Romans. These two will greatly repay close attention, but all the Bible is of course required.

    But above all, rely upon God Himself to lead you, guide you and show you and provide all for you.

    I echo an above post that the KJV is to be recommended. It is the most reliable and the best despite the language. It has stood the test of time and has been honoured by God through various revivals.

  • Q

    good person.
    i looked & you have so far some good sites.
    stay away from the cults,mormons, jw’s, word of faith,grant jeffrey.
    becareful with tv, TBN, they have a lot of false people on their tv station.
    zola is ok, they have a news letter, they are 101% pro isreal, test everything, by everyone.
    do you know how to tithe, like this, reach in pocket deep & pull out, hold in hand till dust & spider webs grow, if after time, you still with no reservations in your heart want to cheerfully give, give, if not put back in pocket.
    GOD requires 100%, but you still have to eat, be good with your money, don’t give out of guilt, it doesn’t count.
    benny hind, a con.
    below will be good sites.

  • ferdie

    The man of God.

  • ÁÖ¿ø ¹

    I suggest “”. You can hear many great pastors’ lectures from this site. And I suggest “”. You can see christian videos in this. The professor who suggested this site suggests especially “The Hope”, “God’s story
    “, “A Question of Origins”. And I suggest “The Hope” video.I think it will be helpful for the people who start to turn to God and all people as well. I really recommend this book. “Is that really you, God?” By Loren Cunningham. I highly recommend Loren’s book and the Christian organization YWAM.

  • Reesie

    talk 2 god comstant;y and always ask for a good christians advice and God’s advice on something before u do it unless ur sure it si ok

    and if u wanna know more about the religion read ur bible u should learn all u need to know from the word of God

    i am a christian 2, go 2 youth group, am 13, go 2 3 services a day, and my parents are missionary’s and pastors

    try talking 2 ur pastor about it and tell him u want 2 walk in full faith with the Lord

    dont be embarressed 2 ask ur pastor or christians

    we luv u

  • Hayley

    first of all i am glad u have become a christian and want to learn about God! i am a christian too and i love it! i go to a christian school and church and i go to camp every year with my youth group n we always have so much fun and it seems every time i go to camp i come back sooo much closer to the Lord. at camp some missionary families come n sing n have a good time with us 1 family is the john marshall family( on their website they have a cd that u can buy for $ 15.00 its called one more mile n its my youth group singing songs from camp with the marshall family! its really great n i have an amazing youth pastor…he does so much for us! i hope this helps!

  • nick h

    Hey there. I’m sooo excited for you! I hope that your journey with Jesus is as great as mine has been.

    I think that you are already doing a great job of being involved in faith communities. I think a bible study is a great idea.

    I also would love to reccommend my own site (hope it does not bother you that i promote my own site). Christian Inspiration Blog. It is a blog where I will share my expierence and thoughts as a Christian, but more importantly I will post others inspiring stories from their journey in Christ. We will also do a christian book club via the internet with christian books, reading about a chapter a week and discussing once a week. (real slow so everyone can keep up). On that note, I suggest reading Christian books (Velvet Elvis and An Irresistable Revolution are highly reccommended by me!!!) And as a new Christian I am sure i will love to hear some of your inspiring stories, especially perhaps how you became a christian!

    So, if interested the site is in the making, I am very excited about it and hope that it helps a lot of people. It should be up and running by early march (march 1st is the goal..fingers crossed). so if you really do not want to forget about it before it goes up you can go their and favorite it. or hopfully it’ll be popular anyway…good luck with your journey and God bless!


    website is in the sources section!

  • photogirl

    pray.. and yes read your bible…
    and prayer does work.. miracles do happen…
    ino thats not part of your question, but im gonna say this anyways…
    God does answer prayer!!
    miracles DO happen!!!

  • <3Brittni<3

    You should def read the bible because its like a book of instructions on building your life! YEA its pretty importante, but umm i receive daily bible verses from Christ notes that really help me get energized and want to read more about god. ALSO this is a biggy THE REVOLVE TOUR!!!! it is like the best christian event ever! it is for teen girls and it helps alot you got to it and theres like a million girls all your age you meet lotz of Christians and make very good friends to learn more go to REVOLVETOUR.COM also the revolve bibles and magazines help alot and talk about teen probs and stuff and the bible is way way way easier to understand! GOOD LUCK in your journey! lol and I’m sure its a decision you wont regret if you have any other questions about Jesus or the christian religion or anything at all feel free to email me at
    Good Luck and god bless Brittni

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