How do atheists handle the overwhelming evidence that Bible prophecy is true?

All kinds of Bible experts have studied it and say it’s true.
Thank You-The Bible has predicted your anti-God stance.

Check yourself before you wreck yourself.

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27 Comments to “How do atheists handle the overwhelming evidence that Bible prophecy is true?”

  • Crazy Minds

    Que face palm.

  • Comfortably Numb

    lol what?

  • Pass the love.. and blunt .


  • Mort Goldman

    I’m a prophet too.
    “Tomorrow, someone will eat lunch.”

    Now worship me.

  • Daisy Buchanan

    Bible experts and adequate reasoning and proof do not equal the same thing in our eyes

  • Jake Simmons


  • An Anomaly

    I sit in my room in the fetal position.

  • QWS

    That’s just funny…..sad but funny

  • Dirtay Me


    Those guys are swell..but not too bright:)

  • Cory

    Yes because experts ‘saying’ something is true is ‘overwhelming evidence’. You sire are a moron.

  • The Peace Maker

    Bible experts are called experts because they know the Bible well. But that’s as far as their knowledge goes.

  • Danny

    If the bible is proven fact, why do followers need, “faith”?

  • Arith M

    I’m pretty sure they don’t handle it well at all, lol.

  • Michael

    They handle it by still thinking they are one up on God and by continuing to reject his ways. Its messed up isn’t it? Oh well let them be they will have to answer to that on judgment day. Keep praying for their souls though that they may live on forever. I agree with you 100 percent. It is so sad that Satan deceives them of the truth.

    ****To pedobear, He will be nailed to a tree. He will be born from a virgin. He will be called the Messiah. If you call those “vague” descriptions you must be mistaken. ****

  • ­­

    I predict someone will have dinner tomorrow.

  • Optitron

    “All kinds of Bible experts”

    You mean preachers!

    I generally listen to these so called experts and laugh at their circular logic and lack of common sense.

  • XaurreauX

    ::Yawn:: Another silly, superstitious twinkie lashing out desperately.

  • We Wish to Buy Your Shoes

    Well, I’ve never seen any.

  • Travis


  • CC

    Am I a prophet if I say there will be war?

    Vague, self-fulfilling prophecies are easy to reject. Those are the types of prophecy present in the bible.

  • Semi_Sweet

    Where is the evidence? I can be an expert on any fairy tale I choose & say it is true. I hope that you would want evidence before believing me.

  • Vince

    Dont know if troll or very stupid!

  • president pedobear

    Anyone can make a prediction and any prediction could come true.If the prediction is vague, you can attribution them to almost everything and say it’s fulfilled.

    edit:If a made a book of sh!t and expect people to believe it, would you be surprised if I made a prediction that some people will not believe it.

  • openspaces101

    The odds are astronomical , one might as well say impossible, that Jesus Christ could fulfill all the prophesies that He did.It’s simply a spiritual blindness that the devil has clouded their minds with.There can’t be no other explanation because it doesn’t make any sense…and just as we see that there is a Creator because of His creation,they somehow can’t.It’s very sad.Very sad.Prayer changes things.

  • Mayy Dayy

    Christians: I have no knowledge of this “evidence” you speak of. Please inform me.

  • Aurora A

    Actually dissenters from your religion is pretty predictable. I mean I bet scientologists say the same thing, it’s not that hard to put in there as a prophecy dude. In fact that’s one of the ways to get people to join a cult and pull away from family and friends. That they don’t get it and of course they’re jealous of your “special” information that only the cult has.

  • Luz De hypatia

    How do christians handle the overwhelming evidence that your religion was first polytheistic, then the main god of the pantheon turned into only one god? mmhh?

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