How does this relate to the Israelite struggle in the Old Testament?

I am reading an post about the Puritan’s 1st arrival to Massachusetts and how they came across hardships such as harsh winters, unknown locations, wild beast & wild individuals, fierce storms, illnesses such as scurvy, etc. My question is asking me, how this relates to the Israelite struggle in the Old Testament, and I have no idea. Can somebody please inform me what precisely had been elements of the Israelite struggle in the Old Testament and how this relates? Thank you!

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  • Fitz

    Because the Puritans eventually slaughtered the Indians just like the Israelites eventually slaughtered the Canaanites?

    Sorry I couldn’t resist.

    The comparison is actually the Jews fleeing slavery (in Egypt) in the Exodus and all that the Jews went through (40 years in the desert) to get to their promised land (Israel).

    Similar to the Puritans fleeing a form of slavery (religious intolerance) going through their own “exodus” (such as harsh winters, unknown places, wild beast & wild people, fierce storms, diseases such as scurvy) to get to their promised land (the New World).

  • Sjnoring Ljooderstyl

    I don’t think the Puritans killed as many men, womyn, and childryn as the Yahwists.

  • Barking Toad

    Well, since the Puritans were real, and the Israelites of the OT were largely fictional (based on folklore passed down over centuries), I don’t see how they relate at all.

  • curious me

    I think that where the questions is going is how both groups were going in to a new land to escape persecution. There is also the idea of the disease,snakes and people they had to defeat to take the promise land.

  • skepsis

    You might want to review the book of Ezra, which describes the Jews who returned from the Babylonian captivity and had a rough time re-establishing their kingdom. They blamed it on intermarriage with Samaritans and gentiles and started a campaign of ethnic cleansing.

  • Yoseph

    NO!! way off

    READ Deuteronomy 28, Not them Puritans, Black Slaves in tha Atlantic slave trade

    ”True Hebrew Israelites”
    ”The Curses”

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