How to create a bible study for my aunt and I?

My aunt is in prison and I wanted to create a bible study for her and I. But not sure how to go about creating a bible study.
Due to money situation unable to fly down to where she’s at. So i figured i’d help her study the bible. And the plane ticket is 400.00 I dont got 400.00 to go see her. So its just letter right now.

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  • Girl Interrupted

    Over the phone, send her scriptures and have her read them, go visit her

  • Rev. Dr. Doc Holiday

    Contact the warden and see if he will let you set up a study for a group of inmates. They are usually cooperative with these kinds of things.

  • jennifer d

    Well look up key topics and study them through out the scriptures. Christian Book Stores have lots of great study guides. or find a book and read each chapter and go over the ?s or make some up together. Fearless is a good one. Pray for ideas, thats the best way.

  • Frankinsense

    Just take your Bible with you when you visit her -

    If you want a more extensive study, join an online group and use their notes, but run it past the Warden first so he knows what you’re doing . . .


  • seeker of Holy God

    pick a group of scriptures and ask questions about what the scriptures

    ask questions on how these would apply to today

  • snowflake

    You do not need to create one. Get a copy of any Bible study by Kay Arthur.

    BTW- For my aunt and ‘ME’- not ‘I’. My mother was a school teacher and she told me to try the sentence with out the words “my aunt and”. It would not sound right- “A Bible study for I”. Sorry, I just can’t help myself, and it is all my mother’s fault.

  • Bad bus driving wolf

    As I see it, there are several problems: 1) Different Bible versions (there is no guarantee she will have the same version as you, so we will assume they are different); and 2) difficulty in synchronisation (we will assume communication is by “snail mail”); 3) Lost days (days when you just can’t study); 4) Plan gets stolen; 5) Aunty may not be familiar with the Bible; 6) the Gregorian calendar doesn’t synchronise with weeks and months.
    Using a Search Engine, such as Google, search for Bible reading plans. The one I chose below moves you around the Bible, which means if you get excited you can read a bit more and not spoil everything, and that it also opens the Bible up to you more quickly, but you may prefer to use something more traditional. The problem with this sort of plan is that if it gets stolen then where are you?
    So here are some backup plans:
    1) If you have exactly the same Bible version, then count the pages and divide by either 365 or 313 (365 – 52 i.e. allows for skipping one day per week) and read that.
    2) Since there are 1189 chapters in the Bible (a chapter related to the size of each page in an early English Bible) then 1189 / 365 = 3.3 chapters per day, which isn’t really practical, but if we read 3 chapters per day Monday to Friday and 4 on Saturday and Sunday, we have a much more practical solution. Psalm 119 is very long, so I would suggest either reading it separately or diving it into 22 using the Hebrew letter subdivisions and include it as part of the 3 chapters per day reading.

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