How to spell Jesus Christ in aramaic?

what is the correct translation of Jesus Christ in aramaic? I have seen many different versions, but which one is correct. Could some one give me the correct translation, or a web page that has it. Please

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  • Jack Brown


  • Scooterpoop

    Y’su = the Aramaic pronunciation. My keyboard doesn’t do Aramaic characters, though.
    Y’shua = the Hebrew pronuciation

  • Josh

    Jesus = A guy with a mental disorder that thinks hes God.

  • noodle

    Don’t know aramaic, this is Arabic
    يسوع المسيح

  • That_Crazy_Latino

    The name of Jesus in Aramaic is Eashoa’. ܝܫܘܥ

  • Darwaish

    The real name of Jesus was Yeshua/Yahoshua/Eashua [depending upon the English Spelling you prefer] bar Yosef el Nazrany or Joshua, the son of Joseph of Nazareth in Aramaic.

    Jesus comes from the mispronunciation of Yeshua by the Romans who made it Isaevs later making it Jesus in the fruther transalations. Christ is not even His name but his Title, taken from the Greek translation of Messiah or The Anointed One as Christos.

    You can see the original error in translation in the INRI inscribed on the Scroll above the Cross which stand for Isaevs Nazaraenvs Rex Ivodorum or Jesus of Nazareth King of the Jews.


  • Paul Glendale


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