Is it true that Jesus Christ was born in the month of September or October, according to some experts?

When Jesus Christ was born, the lambs, cattle, other animals had been consuming pastures according to the bible.
Is there a winter in Bethlehem?

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7 Comments to “Is it true that Jesus Christ was born in the month of September or October, according to some experts?”

  • Biggz

    i dont know, i heard somewhere that he would have been born in january if he did exist but thats another question.

  • Gery

    i heard he was born sometime around april…

  • The John

    That is what experts say. You should read the Bible. No one really knows. Jesus was born on or before 4BCE, because Herod died 4BCE. It depends on what religion you ask. Some still think Jesus was born on December 25th when we celebrate Christmas. Most Christian religions will agree that He was born in the spring. April 6th is a date which stands out, I think the Catholics and Mormons feel this is the day Jesus was born. No one knows exactly, but He couldn’t have been born any later than 4 B.C. and Im Christian

  • Miss 6

    According to something I read a long time ago and I wish I still had so I could give a better reference. In some Chinese record keeping of stars which correlates to other speculation in the world at that time, Jesus was born in August.

  • Alex

    he was born in october.. i think hes a libra because he was charming and a peacemaker.

  • Pretty Beautiful

    Yeah, according to experts if jesus would’ve been born on december it would’ve be snowing and freezing so the sheperds won’t been in the outside. So most probably was around that time of the year (september october) maybe fall season.

  • Tom

    Mark Twain once defined an expert as “Some guy from out of town.” Sadly this is true in more cases than not. Let’s start with an undeniable fact. No one knows when Christ was born. No one knows the year much less the date and time.

    The Bible is no help because the Bible is not history. During the Galileo controversy in the 17th century one Vatican official noted that “The Bible tells us how to get to heaven. It does not tell us how the heavens are constructed.” This is true. Unfortunately the Bible is all we have to go on. It is true there was a Roman official named Herod who died in 4 BC and was in charge of Judea during his lifetime. There is no historical record of a “slaughter of the innocents” that Herod is said to have ordered. But that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen and no historian thinks Herod incapable of such an act. One contemporary, after learning of Herod murdering his son, said it was safer to be Herod’s pig than his children. If we go along with Herod as our marker, then Christ was born before 4 BC, but there is no record of a census being taken during Herod’s reign either. So the whole search gets muddled.

    Historically the dates of Christ’s birth are usually given as a range from 6 BC to about 4 AD. That’s a 10 year stretch. No one takes a stab at the month. Since this is the astrology section it should be noted that more than a few astrologers have taken a stab at erecting a chart for Jesus. The most sensible attempt was made by an astronomer/historian named Michael Molnar and he details his work in a little book titled “The Star of Bethlehem. The Legacy of the Magi” Molnar bases his choice of dates on the story of the Magi, three astrologers who came to visit the Child at the time of His birth.

    Molnar reasons that the astrologers would have been looking for an astrological “sign” that a great king was born and he narrows down that “sign” to an occultation of Jupiter or by Jupiter I forget which, in Aries, the exaltation of the Sun, the natural significator of Kings and God. Therefore instead of a “star” in the sense we use the word, the Magi were “following” Jupiter a “wandering star.” From his work he gives the date: April 17, 6 BC.

    Molnar builds an interesting case based on the astrology of the day and what is known of the history of the times. If one’s religious convictions lead him to believe that the star was a supernatural event, then, of course, this speculation is meaningless. If your mind gravitates towards the historical, then this little book, might be for you.

    However, it is also true that there might be another meaning to Matthew’s Gospel and the truth of the matter lies elsewhere.

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