Is it true the catholic church is taking over the CofE?

I just heard that the roman catholics are in the process of taking over the church of england in some way.

Is this true?

If so can you provide any links to news sources stating this?

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16 Comments to “Is it true the catholic church is taking over the CofE?”

  • Furyan Might

    That’s their world, I don’t care which church consumes or which church gets consumed.


  • Ello Guv

    no its not true, the pope has issued that if any traditionalist anglican vicars wish to leave the church over its modernisation then they will have a place within the catholic church.

  • Incredibly Credible

    What? All 3 people who still care what the anglican church says? Oh no!

  • Fireball

    HELL NO HELL NO!!!!!!

  • Mo' Monkeyhead

    Not really.

    The Pope has said he is willing to ‘adopt’ disillusioned conservative C of E Christians into the Catholic Church, but they can still retain their own identity.

    Not quite sure how that would work, but that’s the basis of it.

    But I haven’t heard of any C of E Christians actually taking up on the offer as yet.

    The offer arose due to women and gay people being allowed to join the clergy in the UK.

    I believe the same offer has been made to the Lutheran church in the US.

  • Revan Hideki {JPA}

    I don’t know

  • Mary W

    If the Anglicans do choose to join the Roman Catholic Church, they will be a “Rite” in the Church, like the Marion Rite or the many other rites who worship differently and have different rules but still have a link under the umbrella of the Roman Catholic Church.

  • The Midnight Cry

    No they aren’t taking over they’ve just opened their doors to the Anglicans who are fed up with the counterfeit Christians. The Anglican denomination has become a ‘politically correct’ forum for the homosexuals and the lesbians in their vain attempt at legitimizing their relationship. The homosexual community believes that if they have the blessings of the God of the Holy Bible then they are all right in their sex life as well as their daily lives. The problem is that men cannot make the rules according to God.
    They work and live in a delusion concerning the denomination and those who are tired of the arguments of their so called science and semantics over the scriptures have been invited to join the Catholic church.
    No questions asked, except questions on sexual orientation perhaps.

  • HellsBells

    They have the E.U. area – but our Royal Family is the pain in their posterior. (not very ‘democratic’ – however) the C/E is no better with the Holy Bible than the Pope and Vatican and the U.S.A. keep Religion and Politics separate – rather a mess – but it’s brilliant for pointing fingers at others.

  • eagledreams

    No not taking over just offering a safe haven and an alternative for those who wish to leave C of E cos they are anti woman clerics. Pope sees it as an opportunity to engage Deacons to staff where priests are dwindling in numbers…..perhaps?

  • Gembird

    No, that’s not true.

    There might be some rule changes in the Church of England that allow female and openly gay clergy everywhere, and the Catholic Church has offered to take in any bigoted old farts who can’t handle the change.

  • imacatholic2


    In 2007, 400,000 Anglicans formally requested for the opportunity to rejoin the Catholic Church:

    The Catholic Church is just responding to this and other requests from Anglican groups and individuals. This is well thought out and planned pastoral concern and action.

    There are already over 20 different Catholic Churches that make up the worldwide Catholic Church.

    In addition to the Latin Rite (Roman) Catholic Church, the Eastern Rite Catholic Churches are in full communion with the Pope, and are part of the same worldwide Catholic Church.

    Eastern Rite Catholic Churches include:

    Alexandrian liturgical tradition
    • Coptic Catholic Church
    • Ethiopic Catholic Church

    Antiochian (Antiochene or West-Syrian) liturgical tradition
    • Maronite Church
    • Syrian Catholic Church
    • Syro-Malankara Catholic Church

    Armenian liturgical tradition:
    • Armenian Catholic Church

    Chaldean or East Syrian liturgical tradition:
    • Chaldean Catholic Church
    • Syro-Malabar Church

    Byzantine (Constantinopolitan) liturgical tradition:
    • Albanian Byzantine Catholic Church
    • Belarusian Greek Catholic Church
    • Bulgarian Greek Catholic Church
    • Byzantine Church of the Eparchy of Križevci
    • Greek Byzantine Catholic Church
    • Hungarian Greek Catholic Church
    • Italo-Albanian Catholic Church
    • Macedonian Greek Catholic Church
    • Melkite Greek Catholic Church
    • Romanian Church
    • Russian Byzantine Catholic Church
    • Ruthenian Catholic Church
    • Slovak Greek Catholic Church
    • Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church

    Now into this beautiful mix of many cultures and traditions (but one shared doctrine), something like the Anglican Catholic Church will arise.

    Even Anglican primate Archbishop Rowan Williams wrote, “in the light of recent discussions with senior officials in the Vatican, I can say that this new possibility is in no sense at all intended to undermine existing relations between our two communions or to be an act of proselytism or aggression. It is described as simply a response to specific enquiries from certain Anglican groups and individuals wishing to find their future within the Roman Catholic Church.”

    With love in Christ.

  • sparki777

    Not at all true.

    SOME Anglican churches have requested communion with the Catholic Church. In other words, they would ascribe to Catholic leadership instead of the CofE.

    After so many Anglican churches made this request, the pope created a structure that would allow them to come under the Catholic Church but still be Anglican, keeping their own priests and their own prayer books.

    As you can see, it was the Catholic Church welcoming in Anglicans who asked to come it. It’s not a take-over.

  • Danny H C.A.B.

    The Catholic Church isn’t taking over anything. The Vatican and the C of E have been in talks for years because hundreds of thousands of Anglicans have been yearning for full communion with the Church. Pope Benedict simply drafted a constitution that provides the way for those faithful Christians to come back home.

    God bless.

  • sebastian c


    what happened is this

    first a part of the Anglican communion calling themselves the Traditional Anglican Communion petitioned to enter full communion with the catholic church.
    Second After lots and lots of deliberation Pope Benedict XVI announced an apostolic constitution that would allow those Anglicans who would like to enter into full communion with the catholic church while still retaining their Anglican identity.

    So the initiative came from the anglicans they asked for full communion and the pope have given them an opportunity.

  • Licuadora Oster

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