Is the charity that Christian missionaries do negated by their proselytizing?

Do good deeds get canceled out by bad deeds? Because that’s what is going on here; Christians go to impoverished people and they feed them; this is a good deed. But then the Christians trick these people into abandoning their traditional beliefs in favor of Christian myths, even though the traditional beliefs are just as plausible and just as likely to be the truth as Christian myths; this is a bad deed. Does one bad deed negate one good deed and mean that nothing has been achieved?

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  • JZ

    HAHA the atheists bullies are back.

  • Jesus Chrysler

    Yes, much of it is.
    Feeding a hungry child on the condition that he convert to your religion and attend religious indoctrination centers ("schools") is tantamount to extortion. It’s deplorable.

  • Animelover90

    Christians do not trick people. They just preach and tell about Jesus… :) Like when Cathelics believe you can’t eat meaet on Friday’s. It doesn’t say that in the bible. People believe in what they believe. You can’t force them. If you put a frog in a pot and put it immediantly on high it will jump right out! If you put in in the pot and slowly put the heat up… before you know it… it’s cooked.Like if you just start telling people things like, "You’re gonna die if you don’t get saved!" You’re just pushing it… If you start off slow they listen… There is no such thing as "Christian Myths". Try and read the bible.

  • curious

    Yes because it equates to ethnocide; the affect of gifting concurrent with evangelizing brings formerly autonomous and self sufficient people to be more dependent on an intruding host society, which is often Christian. It is a historical fact that Christianity had spread to Native Americans through slavery and extortion, while the church labeled it as a missionary process. It is a commonly seen tendency for the chruch to label the intervention charity and good will. Meanwhile these people lose valuable acculturation processes due to the cross acculturation.

  • Nowpower

    Personally, I would rather be alive learning about Jesus than dead of starvation.

    A bad deed requires that the doer mean harm by it in order to fully qualify as a bad deed. I doubt a single missionary mean to do anything but good.

    Additionally, it’s possible for a person to learn of Jesus and actually follow his teachings about fearless love and not dwell in fear and loathing.

    You’re doing good. This is the most gentle prodding of atheists I have ever seen. Very skillful indeed.

  • 666777

    only when bad deeds over whelms good deeds
    and in the case of Christianity, it’s more bad than good

    And when they do a good deed, it only to buy their way into their heaven

  • asnoman

    Only those charities that are done unselfishly and preferably anonymously to get nothing in return—no fame, no favor, no conversion—are truly altruistic.

    You will find Christian missionaries are bribing people for conversion in impoverished remote areas, where they can safely carry out their selfish missions away from the mass non-Christian populations of the comprising countries.

    I’ve witnessed such devious way of proselytizing by Christian missionaries. It’s a blatant hypocrisy.

  • Fred

    Yes. It is unfortunate that christian good deeds come with strings attached. They give to serve themselves, and to hurt others. Too bad.

  • Deism for Reason

    the proselytizing is just annoying

  • guitarrman45

    Nice story. Where did you get your data? Question: Because you write it, do you always expect people to believe it? Question: What do you plan to achieve by writing lies about Christianity? Is that going to get you into heaven easier? You need to quite trying to get some kind of cult following to believe in you. Because all that gets is you is a bunch of confused children that you will be responsible for dragging into hell. And if you don’t believe in hell or heaven, why are you even wasting your time here? What power drives you? You need to ask yourself this question. You deserve to know. So far, your childish questions do nothing but prove that there is a God.

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