My fiance is a divorced Catholic we are getting married I want a priest to marry us outside?

My fiance is a divorced catholic, we have planned to get married in a outside ceremony will a priest marry us? If not who would give a religious ceremony outside in Mexico?

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  • misty0408

    Has your fiance’s first marriage been annulled? If not you cannot be married in a Catholic ceremony.

    If so, you may be able to be married outside, but you’lll have to inquire with the priest at your local parish, or wherever it is you want to be married. The Church doesn’t usually allow marriages outside, since marriage is first and foremost a holy sacrament and should take place inside a Church on holy ground.

    ADDED: Golfgirl – getting an annulment from the Catholic Church does not make you illegitimate with the government or the Church. An annulment only recognizes that when your parents were married there was something that kept the sacrament from being valid. There are many things that can cause a marriage to be invalid, and you may not have full knowledge of what your parents early relationship was like.

    An annulment is not a divorce, but renders that the sacrament never took place. The marriage was legal and all children born in that marriage are legitimate.

  • golfgirl3

    You have to have his marriage annulled before a priest will marry you in the Catholic faith, which in my opinion is wrong. My mother got her marriage annulled from my father so she could re-marry and in the eyes of the courts that makes me illegitimate child. But in the eyes of God I am not. Ok, next question where in the Bible is annulment? There isn’t, it was designed by the Catholic church because to many people were getting a divorce and they were loosing membership. This was a quote from our family priest. What’s up with that one?! There is a passage in the Bible and I am careful to quote it, because I cannot remember where it is, search it yourself, but that if a man wants to remarry either his wife is a widower or they were unequally yoked in the first place… Not sure but you may want to check it out, because depending on the first relationship, in the eyes of God he is technically still married.

  • truefirstedition

    A Catholic priest will not marry you at all if your fiance’s first marriage hasn’t been annulled (by a special dispensation from the Church). Just getting divorced doesn’t cut it in the eyes of Catholics. And priests generally do NOT perform ceremonies outside of the Church building itself. Marriage is a sacrament, treated with the same seriousness as a Sunday Mass. Most priests would consider an outdoor wedding to be disrespectful of the sacrament.

    However, ministers and pastors from most other denominations, especially “nondenominational Christian,” will happily perform outdoor ceremonies, as will many civil officiants (county clerks, judges, etc). If you know where you are getting married in Mexico, call up the resort or the local chamber of commerce – they will be able to give you a list of officiants in the area.

  • SoCal Country Girl

    There are two issues here.

    The first – Was your fiance’s first marriage annulled? If no, then no Catholic priest will marry you. If yes, move on to the next issue.

    The second – Most priests will not marry you outside. HOWEVER, there are always priests who are willing to break some rules. I found one who was willing to marry me outside, but my annulment wasn’t done in time. I would suggest that you ask your local priest. Someone who knows you and/or your family would be more likely to do that favor for you.

  • imacatholic2

    You have two issues to work through.

    + Declaration of Nullity +

    All previous marriages, civil or religious, have to be dealt with before someone can be married in the Catholic Church.

    The Catholic Church believes that God does not recognize civil divorces.

    Jesus said, “Therefore what God has joined together, no human being must separate.” (Mark 10:9)

    However there may be hope of a declaration of nullity.

    The term “annulment” is a misnomer because the Church does not undo or erase a marriage bond.

    Rather the Church issues a declaration of nullity when it discovers that the parties were not truly joined by God and hence a full spiritual sacramental marriage as understood by the Church was not present.

    Then the parties are free to marry for the first time.

    Approach the appropriate person your in your parish who has been trained in the process. If you encounter difficulties, you may go directly to the diocese.

    Be prayerful, honest and patient. It takes a while.

    + Suitable Place of Marriage +

    Although the usual practice is for a Catholic marriage to be celebrated is in a parish church, the bishop can give permission for the marriage to be celebrated in another suitable place.

    For more information, see the Code of Canon Law, Canon 1118:

    With love in Christ.

  • Dr. Zoom Zoom 3.0

    Speak with your local diocesan bishop…

  • sparki777

    For Catholics, marriage is a sacrament, sort of a three-way contract between man, woman and God. Catholic marriage rites are always formed in the presence of the Eucharistic Lord for that reason, which means 999 times out of 1000, they will only be performed in a Catholic Church. Exceptions are, say, having the wedding in a hospital room so a dying parent can witness the event. There are never exceptions made just so that the couple can have a beach wedding or whatever.

    In Mexico, there are outdoor Catholic parishes, and you could get married in one of those. Alternatively, you can have a private marriage rite at your fiance’s church with just you guys, the priest and your two witnesses the day before you travel to Mexico for the “showy” wedding. The private wedding would be your legal and sacramental one, but nobody even has to know about that if you don’t want them to.

  • Heather

    First off, if you want a Catholic wedding your fiance will need to get an annulment through the church. A legal divorce is not the same and without the annulment he is considered married to his ex-wife in the eyes of the church. Annulments can take up to 18 months to be approved (not all are) so you better get started.

    Secondly, Catholic priests do not perform outdoor weddings. If you want an outdoor, religious ceremony, you will need to speak with a minister/pastor from another denomination.

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