Spiritually speaking: Why do some Christians boycott shows about Jesus Christ?

Why are there always offense taken when someone does a stage production about Jesus.

I recall Jesus Christ Superstar:

Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ

Who are you?
What have you sacrificed?

I remember that there was some huge resistance in this regard.

And now there are other shows like the Jesus Comedy and Christians take offence.

Is it not allowed in Christianity to produce shows of a secular nature about the life and death of a religious figure.

Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ

Who are you?
What have you sacrificed?

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19 Comments to “Spiritually speaking: Why do some Christians boycott shows about Jesus Christ?”

  • Fireball226

    superstar is great….but i wont see the new one made 3 yrs ago cuz its horribly violent…not unless its edited for tv..

  • No Jesus... No Chance

    In that particular case, the play left Jesus dead on the cross and ressurected Judas…who sang those words. That song also questions the motives and judgement of Jesus
    “did you mean to die like that was that a mistake , or did you know your messy death would be a record breaker”

    Just a LITTLE poetic license…ya think

  • PJ

    They don’t like the message so they boycott the show. No big deal, really.

  • Mr. Taco

    They feel that certain shows depict Jesus in an unrealistic or unflattering way. Granted, most of them have never actually SEEN Jesus Christ Superstar, so they don’t really know how he is depicted, but that is the general idea. That said, considering how many shows and movies and books that are out there that DO make fun of Christianity, you can hardly blame some of these people for being so sensitive. Yeah, they overreact, but it is their loss. If they don’t want to see the show, they don’t have to. Good for them, I guess. LOL!

  • K in Him

    Because you don’t mock GOD at anytime!

    Did you really not know that?!

    Time to pull your head out of the rabbit hole

  • downwithChrist

    Well, first of all, I don’t too much about that play, but I do hear it’s a misrepresentation of Jesus Christ. If you’re talking about movies such as Passion… now, that’s a different story.

  • St Mick

    Somebody other than the Church make money out Jesus! That’s sacrilegious,

  • jacket2230

    Most of the shows that Christians do not watch are because they are usually being made fun of. Do you like watching when someone of another race gets made fun of or belief??? Then why would I want to sit and watch a show where they were mocking me and my beliefs.

  • Mrs. S

    Because Christians don’t want what was not written in the bible to become fodder for other people. See, everything written in that book is word for word accurate to them and they see portrayals of Jesus as mockery.

    I was Christian and have to say that they are the toughest crowd to please. They are the first to point fingers and throw stones. However, they choose to live in brick houses because they know the glass one’s would shatter when people began casting stones back.

    I refuse to believe if we are made in God’s image, and Jesus is His Son that we did not get a sense of humor because THEY have one. Come on. Lighten up.

  • meyer.eddie27

    jesus is serious all the time u dont comedies about him, its only funny to people who r going to hell with no regard whatsoever. what did he sacrifice, his whole life to teach people how not to go to hell.

  • Cord Of 3 Strands

    let me ask u a question: if your brother had suffered an extremely long and painful death, in exchange, for your life, would u be offended when someone cracked on him??

  • Walking Saint

    try doing a play on
    MOHAMED MOHAMED what have you sacrificed ?
    and they will sacrifice your head for it.

    christians protest without hurting others. that’s why christianity is a SUPER religion

  • ver_jen

    Christians take offense because they do not want Jesus portrayed in a way that is inaccurate. They know that visual input is remembered much longer than what is written and if it is not accurate it could change what people know about Jesus. If you think I am wrong, ask most people how many wise men were at the stable when Jesus was born. I can promise you they will get it wrong because they have seen the nativity scenes all over the place. They will say 3. There is no mention of how many wise men came, only the types of gifts. Three different types of gifts. Also, the wise men never showed up at the stable. They came much later to a house where Jesus was. (Remember they had to travel across great distance without benefit of a car.)

    What is displayed visually to “enhance” our knowledge of Jesus can actually damage His image if it is not portrayed accurately. A lot of artistic freedoms are taken when repeating the stories of Christs life because Hollywood likes to do that sort of thing. (Also, when you read, you get the story line without all the day to day activities, therefore these must be speculated upon.)

  • Rubym

    If I remember right, the reason “Superstar” was objected to was the implication he and Mary Magdalene were having a relationship. Also it ended with his death, not Resurrection. I don’t know about Jesus Comedy. I never heard of it.

    I think it depends on the person, the maturity of the viewer, how respectful or disrespectful something is toward Jesus or whatever their religion teaches. I was not offended by Superstar, but saw it as an adult. My thinking was not going to be changed because the movie implied Mary Magdalene was possibly Jesus’ girlfriend.

    If something really makes fun of Jesus, I can’t think of any examples, but if it were disrespectful I might not want to see it myself. But I would not try and ban it and keep others from seeing it, it would be up to them.

  • q5wc

    if u tell a mother that her child is stupid, even if the child really is, she would take offense. because her child is everything that makes her life worthwhile.

    if u make fun of jesus to a christian, he will take offense. same thing if u make fun of mohamed to a muslim. because they are images of supreme holiness, of life, of everything that is good.

  • rob

    Conscience. Plain and simple. If they feel it disservices Jesus, as they see it, it would be wrong to support it. I don’t agree (generally) with boycotting non-Christian things (e.g. Disneyland because of homosexuality), but I do support Christians smacking each other around. We’re supposed to! It’s not our name that we’re defending, it’s His. So many times his followers do him a disservice by being uneducated, cruel or just plain evil, and that’s when rebuking is called for.

  • God Bless America

    Boycott is peacefully action.

    They don’t burn down embassies, over turn and burn cars, riot in the streets and cause chaos.

  • coffee_pot12

    because some of them are just plain crap that are only the title and contain nothing…

    and I did not like super star at all….

  • Karen K

    It really depends on how Jesus is portrayed. If it’s a mockery of him then it is blasphemous, If it tells the truth about him like The Passion of The Christ, then that’s a horse of a different color.

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