They say Jesus Christ, Charles Manson and Adolph Hitler mesmerized people by the tone in their voice?

Does this offend you as a religious person?

My religious friend said how dare you compare the two to Jesus Christ.

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17 Comments to “They say Jesus Christ, Charles Manson and Adolph Hitler mesmerized people by the tone in their voice?”

  • Ava Brown-Kohen ♥just married♥

    Just because you have something in common with someone bad doesn’t make it an insult it’s just a fact.

  • GoldenCuttlass

    except Charles Manson and Adolph Hitler existed

  • Zadok_007


    What they said of Christ was.

    Luke 4:36 And they were all amazed, and spake among themselves, saying, What a word [is] this! for with authority and power he commandeth the unclean spirits, and they come out

    John 7:46 The officers (who were sent to arrest HIM and did not )answered, Never man spake like this man.

    John 10:41 And many resorted unto him, and said, John did no miracle: but all things that John spake of this man were true.

  • Glen Beck

    JESUS was GOD but hitler was a great orator ill admit that much , but not as good as me

  • .

    Cult of Personality.

  • Sharon Wiliams

    Who are “they” and where did they get a recording of Jesus speaking?

  • Steadfast

    Who is “They”

    you open up and base a question on hearsay

  • Solar

    No. Nothing that “They” say offends me.

  • Annie Howser

    They all inspired murder, just look at the list of people murdered in the name of this Jesus.

    Manson and Hitler are amateurs compared to those levels.


    who says that i never heard that Jesus Christ Charles Manson Adolph Hitler are all one in the same compare the letters dont you know the mystery yet? C is the same h is the same r is the same t is the same s is the same etc… but not theee JESUS .. go away world …..

  • lilAngel

    “They say”? Who the heck is “they”? I never met anyone named “They”.

  • spike missing debra m

    i’m not sure who ‘they’ are (perhaps the voices in your head?), but i’ve never read any accounts where the tone of Christ’s voice was ever said to mesmerize anyone…but i’m curious as to why you left 0bama out of the group; the parallels between his cult-like following of adoring lemmings who would erupt in frenzies of devotion at his speeches and that of Hitler is a better comparison; after all, Hitler WAS a community organizer who wrote about himself and attained political power largely because of his ability to read speeches and took advantage of unfavorable economic circumstances to unite unthinking followers in rage against a made-up ‘enemy of the common people’…in Hitler’s case, it was Jews; in 0bama’s case, it’s capitalists

  • fokker - it's an airplane!

    Not in the slightest. Comparing one’s ability for public speaking doesn’t mean you are comparing their morality, holiness, or illness whatsoever.

  • BidNinja

    Useful stuff, but the theme do not display correctly on my Powerbook…maybe you should verify that out. Thanks, anyway.

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