What are some differences and similarities between early and modern christians?

I am doing a religion assignment and I need to have some differences and similarities between early christians and modern christians. Thanks :)

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  • The Nutter

    early christians were evil and the modern ones are more excepting.


    EARLy christians were under one church which is the catholic church, the modern christians are divided in orthodox churches, roman catholic and the last denominations are sola scriptura churches from the protestant reformer by Luther, well roman catholicism and orthodoxs continue with the apostolic sucession meanwhile the protestants are off of the apostolic sucession, their pastors are out of the true church, many doctrinese of the protestantisms are hereticals

  • markisme

    early christians had: sand, sandals, filthy beards, pubes, maybe a donkey

    modern christians have: wealth while others have poverty, bad attitudes, know it all attitudes, complete disregard for nature, special readings of the bible that allow them to ignore teachings that conflict with their consumerism

  • swisscheese

    Early Christians, they don’t even have a physical Jesus. This guy just did not exist for the early Christians. Modern Christians are all about the physical Jesus. The critical question is: if a physical Jesus doesn’t exist, does the religion still hold any water??

    Similarity: Christians could never agree with each other.

  • BuckN

    Similarity: They’re both being manipulated by a corrupt group. They both share simular beliefs in Jesus. They both believe they are the right religion.

    Differences: The early christians actually believed in Christianity, while the modern ones re-shape Christianity; something that would’ve been considered sin (Questioning God). The old Christians took the Old Testaments much more literally.

  • Carter Boy

    the only real similarity i can think of is that our base belief is in Jesus. there are so many differences to try to think of. the main difference i see is that modern Christians are lukewarm having one foot in church and one foot in the world. while the early Christians were a lot more Conservative.

    i agree more with being conservative.

  • Tiff

    Many early Christians didn’t own their own bible as it cost quite a bit so only the wealthy could afford one. That change because of the invention of the printing press which was invented by Johannes Gutenberg in 1454 AD which made it where more copies could be made faster and cheaper. Now with modern Christians most will own a bible or two.

  • mad monk

    Early Christians used a pentagram to represent their religion and Jesus.
    (5 points = 5 wounds, etc etc)
    Modern Christians think pentagrams are Satanic

  • Nichole Cruze

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