What do you call a person who believes in God but not Jesus Christ or The Holy Bible?

I believe that there is a God out there, but I never picture Jesus Christ. I picture is someone else. I also don’t believe in the bible. I don’t believe in Demons. I only believe in Ghosts and Spirits. I don’t believe in eternal torment (Hell). And neither eternal happiness. I only believe in fair awards and punishments. Which means Karma and Reincarnation.

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22 Comments to “What do you call a person who believes in God but not Jesus Christ or The Holy Bible?”

  • Mr.Canadian Atheist

    A deist

  • ez80227

    lotsa choices here including muslims and jews not to mention east indians and their various religions to africans and theirs…

  • Paradox

    It means that you’re as dopey as the other guys.

  • E


  • jasmine

    An unbeliever. The reason is because you cant pick and choose. That isnt faith then.

  • ?

    Unitarian Universalism Christianity

  • harpertara

    Probably a deist. Although if you are at all interested in being in a covenantal instead of a doctrinal church community, you might want to check out Unitarian Universalism.



  • Darrel Asbern

    A person who believes in all that nonsense you profess to? An enlightened soul, who has seen through the fog of dogmatic propaganda. Welcome to the truth.

  • ISLAM is the future

    If you believe there is only One God who should be worshiped, and no one/nothing else has that right but Him, and you believe Muhammad, peace be upon him, was a messenger who brought the same message as all the prophets before him,then you are basically a Muslim.

  • Lil

    Jewish people believe in God but not Jesus or the holy bible

  • Max

    Someone who is 2/3 correct!

  • Lion Jester

    A thiest, would be a general catch all term, just a person that believes something. The agnostic classification would also apply in a general sort of way. There are other categories available depending on some of your OTHER beliefs. There is the ‘new age’ category, the gnostics of the biblical time period. With your validation of Karma and reincarnation, you might look to the Hindu or Buddhist sects. There are even some pagan mythos and traditions that might also be up your alley.

    All those are IF you need an identifier. You are just you though. In many of the older traditions the concept of bearing witness is a common theme. Within these traditions, one is ONLY to bear witness to what you personally have seen and experienced, to claim anything else would be categorized as bearing FALSE witness. Basically, you just follow YOUR path, seeing and experience what you do, and you define and conceptualize it all as the need arises.

    Many people find the need to define themselves, and put a nice, little bow on it all. In reality though there are no clear cut defintions, no shiney little bows. Since once you define ‘what IS’ with a definition, you limit it to that thing. The same is true with people. Would you really want to be wrapped up all nice and neat with a shiney little bow, probably not. You can just be YOU, and leave the defintions for when its all said and done.

  • Messenger of God

    What do you call a person who believes in God but not Jesus Christ or The Holy Bible? Non-Christian.

    But it does not matter because His Laws are still inscribed upon your heart, even if you never knew of Him, His Gospel, or His Church. And the truth of His Gospel can be found in any good morally natured religion.

  • Spear thrower of God

    Heathen, infidel, pagan, hell-bound, and stupid. Take your pick.

  • Scrappy52

    A fool who is bound for hell. Jesus is the only to Heaven.

  • leftuncheckd

    Why do you need a label for yourself? You believe the way you do because you feel confident that you’re right. Nothing wrong with that. Stay independent. Don’t be another “follower”. Blaze your own trail. But if you’re looking for others who believe the way you believe, I suggest you search through Yahoo Groups. Maybe post your beliefs on an open board.
    Also there is another site that will tell you where you belong. Its:http://community.beliefnet.com.

    But I still say, you are already where you belong. You know what works for you, why mess with it?
    Why label it?

  • Emma Bail

    Your question and your thoughts are really good.It’s looks like you have a confidence on you.You believe in what are you doing and thinking.

  • Mister007

    You’re Agnostic

  • Vern M

    Buddism doesn’t contain the nasty elements of religion, like Hell. It’s a very peaceful religion considering it’s holy scriptures are NOT filled with God helping armies defeat other armies, and genocide, etc. So, your person could be a Buddist.

    Hinduism is also a peaceful religion. It doesn’t have Jesus, but it has many many Gods, so since you wrote “God” we can leave out Hindu.

    Islam fits your bill. It has many similarities to Christianity, since it “evolved” out of that religion, so this person could be a Muslim and worshiping God named Allah. They don’t have demons that are all evil as in christianity, but they do believe in them. Called Jinn, they co-exist with humans

    Judasim gets close. They don’t believe in Jesus, but they do believe in Demons, since they are mentioned in the old testament (Leviticus 17:7). So, a Jew is probably not what you would be.

    This person could certainly be a Sikh. Sikhs believe in only one god and Sikhs believe that human beings spend their time in a cycle of birth, life, and rebirth. Their 3 mottos are 1. Keeping God in mind. 2 Working honestly, and 3. Giving to charity. They don;t have any belief in demons like Christian demons, while some types of Sikh believe in ghosts, others do not.

    Another option is Bahá’í. Bahá’í believes that all religions have the same spiritual foundation, despite their apparent differences. So they believe in only one God, and accept all the prophets, including Jesus and all and any others. They assume God is too great to be known by any one human mind.

    Well, there is a short list of some religions that fit the bill.

    Someone that does believe in one God, but thinks that God doesn’t follow everyone and cares what everyone is doing is known as a DEIST. You may or may not consider yourself a deist if you think god cares about what you do with your sex life, or how often you worship him.

    Someone believes God follows all the rules of the bible is a theist, and a non-believer an Atheist.

    Hope that helps.
    Good luck.

  • Alan C

    The belief in karma and reincarnation are a logical deduction from a particular view of god called “pantheism.”

    Pantheism, the underlying philosophy of Buddhism, Hinduism, Christian Science, The Four Agreements, and a number of other philosophies, generally termed “new age” by Christians, has replaced Christianity as the most widely-held belief in America.

    Pantheism literally means “God is all” and “All is God.” The word is from the Greek: “pan” means “all,” “theos” means “god,” and “ism” means “doctrine” or “belief.” Pantheism is the view that the universe, or nature, and God are equivalent. According to the belief of pantheism, I am God, you are God, the table is God, animals and bugs and trees and dirt are God; in short every single thing in the entire universe is one essence and that essence is God. At first this may sound like a poetic statement, a metaphor, encouraging us to believe that there are divine qualities in all of us, and beauty in all parts of creation. But that’s not what pantheism means by these statements. It posits that, in spite of all appearances to the contrary, we as individuals are not distinct from others, from our environment, nor from God. We do not think separate thoughts, feel separate feelings, nor make separate choices. And any perception of such dichotomies (divisions) to our minds through our senses is simply an illusion.

  • Ragdoll2007

    I’m sorry everybody seems to be bashing you. I almost feel the same way as you. I believe in god and in evil. I can’t find it in my heart to believe in Jesus though I’ve done my research over and over again between Christianity and Catholicism. If I was to pick one, I’d choose catholic however I have that constant struggle in me over Jesus. I can’t stand when people refer him as our heavenly father. Jesus is Jesus, son of god, and we’re all gods children. So the bible goes to say. As far as afterlife goes, i don’t know what to believe in that. I pretty much believe in good morals and right decisions. And I just hope I earn gods approval in the end. I believe we are all born with some evil within us and we have to be taught right from wrong. Anywho, I don’t know what you would call someone like me… Or you. Atheist don’t believe on god nor devil, so that’s not it. And whether or not we believe in Jesus, our heart is still in the right place.

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