What does it mean when a girl wears a cross necklace around her neck. Dont mention shes catholic or christian?

P.S dont mention shes catholic or christian cause i already know. Like what does it mean when a girl wears a necklace with a cross around it.

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  • miss sunshine

    I wear one because its a way of feeling like I always have Jesus close ( metaphorically) to me and letting others know that I believe in God.

  • LoveGod

    1. likes crosses
    2. Wants people to know she is a believer
    3. Gift from someone inportant
    4. Handed down in the family

  • Britney M

    it means she likes cross shaped object

  • BeenThere

    If it doesn’t mean Christian, then it’s just a fashion statement. I’ve known plenty of girls that were not religious but wore crosses, and I asked them why, and they said they just liked the way they looked.

  • suki24

    If it’s a plain gold or silver one, that’s all it means. If she is wearing rosary beads, she’s an iconoclast and a rocker.

  • s2k12

    Pretty sure it’s that simple lol.


    its a catholic thing, only. I honestly don’t like it, beczu i think a lot of them wear it for some kinda symbolic reasons not spiritual

  • julygirl14

    well wearing a cross necklace could mean many things
    if its a simple cross then shes a Christian
    if her necklace has beads and a cross she is a catholic because she is wearing worrybeads
    or she may just like that necklace because of who gave it to her
    or it might remind her of something
    you can never be sure unless you ask her your self
    hope this helps

  • TJ21

    It is to show their faith in god and christ.

  • Techy

    I can only speak for myself here. I have worn the same cross for the past 25 years. It was given to me by a friend as a going away gift, because of her final words to me it became a symbol of security and strength. I am a christian, my faith has grown over the years. But the root was always that it was something special, now it means I am secure in my faith, and myself regardless of what others think. I do not flaunt it, use it as a fashion statement or mean it to hurt anyone. I would not replace it with another cross.

    Consider the age of ther person wearing it makes a differance as well.

  • Ariana S

    well i wore a cross for awhile around my neck. It was given to my by my Godmother when i was younger and i loved it very much even thou I like to think of myself to not have a specific Religion. But that necklace did bring comfort in times of need. It maybe just be special to her like it was for me nothing to worry about

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