What does Jesus specifically say about Masterbaition in my own home and I have no wife?

I’m not being lustful Im just massaging my unit and not being lustful what is lustful two people having sexual intercourse thats lustful me massaging my own body aint act lust married people have sex should go to hell imo i dont speak for jesus but what does he say aobut me touching myself?

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  • Oldschool can jam

    ur palms r gonna grow hair dude…

  • kevdogg20

    it’s perfectly normal, live your life like you want it to be, just don’t listen to books that don’t have proof in them.

  • javadic

    Nothing. He said nothing at all about it.

  • Lizeth A

    Well to be honest Jesus really does not say anything about sex in the bible. I read it, he does not talk about masturbation. Each religion has its own rules. But if you are going just by Jesus’ words then all I can tell you is that he doesn’t mention sex nor masturbation in the bible.

  • Luke Budsmoker

    I was Praying and jesus told me to get on here and tell you that you have spelled masturbation wrong. Other than that he said you were doing fine. maybe buy a fleshlight


  • SlapStickBilly

    He says to not worry about it, and stop conserning yourself of what you shouldn’t be doing, but rather what you should be doing in the name of Jesus to prove yourself worthy of the kindom of heaven.

  • Corey

    Jesus didn’t say anything against sexual arousal or physical attraction. The word mistranslated as “lust” in Matthew 5 is epithymia, and it means a strong desire with implications of intent. He’s saying if you would cheat on your spouse if you could get away with it, that’s as bad as actually going through with it.

  • Roy W.

    Yank away my friend! If someone catches you, you tell them you were just cleaning it and it went off.

  • Mel

    I don’t know about jesus, but ODIN sure likes to watch me fap! XP

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