What does the bible say about having snakes as pets?

My son has a couple of small snakes as pets. Well a friend of mine says that, that goes against the bible and the snake are a sign of satan in my house. Is this true?

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  • RumRunners

    never ever listen to it if it offers you an apple

  • venus in leather

    Your friend is an idiot.

  • lise t


  • JohnH

    you should care and love your pets.
    but it has actually nothing to do with Bible and your life of faith.


  • Justin

    no it not true there is no such thing as satan or god and the bidle is all lies, so have many snakes for pets as you wont.

  • Jack

    I think thats because they didn’t have glass bowls or glass tanks or well ANY glass back then so a snake probably wouldn’t have made a good pet. I don’t remember the talking about having fish as pets… Oh and the snake reference was just an analogy.

  • Ganal

    Don’t listen to your “friend” or the bible for that matter. In many places of the world snakes are worshiped as a god. Snakes are not evil in any way and are probably the most misunderstood animal on the planet.

  • j m

    I do not believe that thtis is true. Jesus does make refrence to the snake several times in the Bible as in Leviticus. No you do not have signs of satan in your house had this been true, We are all sinners so are we to do away with us?
    Realistically, God wants us to do right by him. He wants respect love devotion and as long as you give him what he wants, you will be fine. Your son is fine. Talk to God he will explain…..

  • jesse m

    annie, how do you know that you’re not the one who is wrong? nonetheless, i reported your answer for insulting someone else (who is probably correct). after all, the old testament is completely fiction. it was written by william shakespeare (who was proven to have been a good friend of king james) when he was 46 years old. just look at the 46th psalm. the 46th word is “shake” and the 46th word from the end is “spear”. no coincidence. to answer the question, the only evil animal is man

  • David Pratt

    We need more information.

    Why do you want a snake in your house?

    Is it dangerous?

    Does it cause strife in the home?

    Is it poisonous?

  • j p

    I know of no biblical passage that prohibits snakes as pets.

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