What was the actual month that Jesus Christ was born?

I heard rumor, or possibly a quote from the Bible, but Jesus Christ’s birth date was not Dec 25th, but he was born in July. Is this correct, and if it is, was it the 25th?

I know of bars that have an event the last week of July and on the 25th it is referred to as, “Christmas in July” celebration. I was there for it in a bar exactly where they celebrated as if it have been Christmas Day (Dec 25 @ the longest bar in the planet identified as the Beer Barrel Saloon On Put in Bay Ohio.

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  • Lincoln6

    According to the flowers and plants described in the Bible around the time of his birth, it was in June or July.

  • auntb93

    God rest ye, merry gentlemen
    Let nothing you dismay
    Remember Christ your savior
    Was born sometime in May.

  • Frankie

    I don’t know but it would have been around the time of year when shepherds were ‘watching their flocks by night’ in that particular part of the world.

  • Geezah

    Even if we assume Jesus actually existed, there’s no indication in the Gospels of when exactly he was born. The only reason it’s celebrated on December 25th is because a pope set it to that date some centuries ago, specifically to compete with the local pagan religion.

  • M C

    Nobody knows the day, month, year Jesus was born, it is not recorded in the Bible and I dont think we should bother about things that were not told to us

  • Micahs•Mummy

    yeah it’s in July sometime. it’s been proved based off astronomy and what not. :)

  • Deof Movestofca

    The true date of Jesus’ birth is mentioned nowhere in the bible. From what I have heard, the conditions mentioned in the bible (especially the shepherds out with their flocks) is more suggestive of spring than winter.

  • Lady M

    As others have stated, the date is not recorded in the Bible. However if you take December 25th and count forward 9 months you will end up with September 25th as being his birth date.

    In other words I believe that Jesus was conceived on December 25th and we have been celebrating his birth on what was actually his conception date.

    I have no facts to support this hypothesis, but it is as good as any other guess since, again, it is not revealed to us in scripture.

  • seeker of jehovah

    we do not know the exact month

    it was not december 25th

    it was probably not july either

  • greenshootuk

    The date of his birth is not recorded. The “Christmas in July” is an entirely modern idea done just for a laugh. As to the shepherds, shepherds in the Middle East, in Palestine, spend all year out with their flocks. The climate in December is mild with temperatures very rarely below freezing, lambs are born in Dec/Jan because grazing is good – in the summer it is very poor because of the heat and lack of rainfall.

  • LOLjesus


  • Mr. Panky

    Which Jesus?

    First there’s the Jesus of Judaism. He’s known in Jewish writings as the illegitimate son of Miriam (Mary). He lived in the first century CE (they don’t use AD) and led people away from main stream Judaism into a cult. His followers were first called Netzerim (people of the branch) and later Christians. In his name Jews have been persecuted unmercifully over the centuries. Jews who admit to believing He was their Messiah are often considered dead to their families. Jews don’t believe in a second coming because they don’t believe there’s been a first one.

    Then you have the Jesus of Islam. He was a prophet and teacher on a par with Mohammed. His role was to help prepare people for the great leader from Allah coming at the end of time to judge the world. He was born of a virgin but was not the son of God because the Quran says “God begets not, nor is he begotten.” He didn’t die for the sins of the people because in Islam salvation comes from good works. Neither was he resurrected. Instead, in a time of confusion God took him live into heaven and someone else was crucified. He will return at the end of the age to defeat the anti-Christ, call everyone to Islam, and prepare the world for judgment.

    The Jesus of Mormonism is the spirit brother of Lucifer. Both are sons of a god who was once a man and one of his many wives. This Jesus became a human as the result of a sexual union between the Mormon god and an unmarried Jewish girl named Mary. He’s often called the Savior but never Lord, because although he’s one of god’s sons, he’s not god. If he determines that you’ve done everything you possibly can to earn your own salvation and are still short, he’ll graciously make up the difference. He’ll return at the End of the Age, having protected his saints through the time of Great Tribulation, to set up his kingdom.

    The Jehovah’s Witnesses have a Jesus too. He’s a son of Jehovah, but He’s not God. Rather, he was a perfect man just like Adam originally was. Before he became a man he was the Archangel Michael, who The Witnesses believe to be Jehovah’s first created being. Just believing in Jesus is not enough to save us. we also have to become a Jehovah’s Witness, be baptized, and obey God’s laws all of our life to prove ourselves worthy. Their Jesus wasn’t physically resurrected, but came back to life in Spirit form. He returned to Earth in Spirit form in 1914 and will become a physical being again at Armageddon.

    Then there’s the Jesus of the liberal denominations. He’s a first century man who lived an exemplary life of such gentleness and grace that it was almost as if he was God. He’ll see that everyone who joins their denominations gets accepted into heaven whether they’re born again or not. Some proponents of liberal theology claim that he’ll also see that everyone who was sincere in whatever other religion they practiced will get to heaven too. For the most part, liberal denominations don’t believe in the literal fulfillment of End Time events. For many, the 2nd Coming happened to each person when they first believed in Jesus.

    The New Age Jesus is really one of the oldest. He originally appeared in first century Gnosticism. This Jesus was a man who like 40 other “ascended masters” holds the key to knowledge (gnosis) that when learned will bring about the next phase of human evolution, a spiritual growth that will finally make peace on earth possible. He didn’t die for our sins because there’s no need for us to be saved.

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