What’s the difference between Christian Scientists and Scientologists?

I know that the first one is Christian and believe in God, but they sound so similar to Scientology. Singer James Hetfield’s mom died of a disease because as a Christian Scientist, she refused treatment saying that God would heal her. That’s also how John Travolta’s son died since they’re Scientologists, and they believed that their son was fine.

So are there any differences between these 2 “religions”?


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  • Carly-badass atheist-

    One believes in aliens inhabiting the human soul

  • Bob

    One’s dumb, the other’s evil.

  • Headtater

    They may share some similar beliefs (I don’t know, I’m not an expert).

    However, the Christian Scientists are Christian. That means they believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and will come again to save the faithful. Scientologists believe in the concept introduced in L Ron Hubbard’s book “Dianetics” that all human souls are really aliens and Earth is some kind of prison with all of human history being falsified by some intergalactic super-villain.

  • BBtB

    They are completely different religions.

    Christian Scientists are based on christian teachings though are typically considered a cult

    Scientology is based as the writings of L Ron Hubbard which was never supposed to be a religion…

  • homestarr2

    They are both religions and there is no such thing as a christian scientist.

    Unless they are a scientists first and christian second.

  • Boba Fett

    There’s no connection at all. Christian Science is a Christian denomination.

    Scientology isn’t a religion at all. It’s nothing to do with Christianity or science. Scientology is a financial scam masquerading as a church.

  • Mr McKenzie- Skeptical Christian

    Christian Science:

    This, like many other mind-based or consciousness-based religions doesn’t have a strict creed of beliefs. Here’s some of what they think, though:

    God is impersonal. All is God and God is all. God is Spirit-Mind. They don’t think that God is a Trinity. Matter does not exist, it is illusion. Therefore, sin does not exist, and disease does not exist. Death does not exist, and evil does not exist. The solution to sin, sickness, disease and death is to realize they do not exist. They are illusions.

    Man is spiritual and perfect. Man is incapable of sin, sickness, and death. Christian Scientists draw a distinction between Jesus and Christ. Jesus was a man who lived in Palestine in the first century. Christ is the name of the true idea of God. Jesus ia a human man, and Christ is the divine idea.

    The virgin birth of Jesus happened spiritually, in Mary’s mind. It was not a real physical event. Salvation is of no concern since sin is an illusion and man does not exist materially. Man is incapable of sin. The resurrection of Jesus was spiritual rather than bodily.

    The Lord’s Supper is celebrated spiritually rather than with the physical elements of bread and wine, or juice. They think that belief in the Trinity is belief in polytheism. Jesus, as a man, was not divine. However, Christ is the name given to the true idea of God. So, Christ is not a person but merely a divine idea. They believe that ‘Science and Health’ is equal to the Bible as divine revelation.


    Scientology means knowing how to know. Here’s the scoop, according to L. Ron. You are a spiritual being. Basically good, not a sinner by nature. You have a mind and you have a body, but they are separate from the spiritual part of you. See? The spirit. The way the see in Scientology is that there is this spiritual life force, known as Thetan, that is in all living things. And the ultimate goal of all life for all beings is to survive eternity.

    There are eight ways, called channels, you can do this: Through your individuality, your family, groups, mankind, all living things, the physical universe, spirits, and God. Check how they get bigger as you go, from you up to the Universe.

    The best way to survive is to do the most good for as many of these dynamics, or relationships, as you can. Okay. That was the spirit. Got it? Now let’s look at the mind. The mind is a recorder. They believe it keeps track of all the good and bad moments from this life and all your past lives.

    So, your mind is keeping track of all this stuff and, like a good mystery novel, give clues, these recordings, to figure out what’s wrong with your spirit. Your mind also records painful moments in your unconscious mind, called engrams, problems you didn’t know you had. These engrams or spiritual growth can mess up your thinking at nay time, kind of like a computer virus.

    Auditor, people who listen, help you find and understand these traumas by using this thing called an E-meter. It’s kind of similar to visiting a shrink. They believe you’ll be a lot happier when you get rid of this engrams and live life without their side effects. God exist but His identity is a matter of personal awareness and conviction.

    Jesus was one of many great teachers. You’re on a search to understand yourself, others, life and God. Your job is also to help others and make the world a better place.

  • Voltaire's Child

    They’re not at all similar. Scientologists do not refuse medical treatment unless the treatment is psychology or psychiatry based.

    John Travolta did NOT believe his son was fine but he was hampered by the Church of Scientology’s strictures against any psychiatric treatment or meds.

    And nowhere in Dianetics does Hubbard talk about aliens. that’s part of Scientology, not Dianetics.

  • Tower of Babel

    Christian Scientists believe that sickness is the result of fear, ignorance, or sin, and that when the erroneous belief is corrected, the sickness will disappear. They consider that suffering can occur only when one believes (consciously or unconsciously) in the supposed reality of a problem. If one changes one’s understanding, the belief is revealed as false, and the acknowledgement that the sickness has no power, as God is the only power, eliminates the sickness.

    Hubbard probably stole this idea and expanded it to create the “reactive mind” as part of his crappy Dianetics book that spawned Scientology to avoid taxes on his income.

    Didn’t find much difference. Same $hit. Different pile.

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