Why do Christian Missionaries pay money to poor people to convert, Have they no shame?

Christian Missionaries are some of the most shamless people and destroyed many cultures in this world. Now they are paying money to gain converts because Europeans are leaving Christianity for other religions like Buddhism, Islam and many are leaving religion altogether.
Are Missionaries suffering from some kind of mental disorder?

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11 Comments to “Why do Christian Missionaries pay money to poor people to convert, Have they no shame?”

  • FarmerCec

    some people think they get “points” for saving souls

  • lisaclara

    Okay – what kind of nonsense is this – if you are going to make hateful and bigoted remarks about any people group – you had better have some evidence to back it up. This is an absurd question – it isn’t even a question – it’s a hate crime.

  • s D

    Where is your proof? I have never met anyone in my life that has offered me money to become a Christian. Sorry if you have a problem with good people trying to help the poor. I guess it would be better if people starved to death and went without water and shelter.

  • Charlie Check'm

    they’re like devils pretending to be angels

    about me

  • Damion D

    It’s a good investment for them. They give someone a little help, then they pressure them into tithing for the rest of their life. And as an added bonus, they can point to the amount of these converts as proof of their beliefs. It’s brilliant.

  • Hyacinth

    I have never in my life heard anyone say such cruel things about Missionaries sent by God to teach people about the Lord.
    I do not understand how you equate shame at wanting people to have a better life, and place in heaven as a terrible thing. I do not know of any Missionaries paying people to become born again.
    Please give some proof this is going on. And who particularly are doing it?

    I am sorry but I do not believe anything you are saying here.

    No they have no mental disorder. It is not right to be so hard on good people who give up there lives to go to other countries to do the Lord’s work.

    saddened by this erroneous report about Christian Missionaries

  • babygirl

    They do not pay to convert, they HELP the poor when they know the poor cannot rely on an atheists to give a helping hand….oh wait that is the atheists the christians are helping….my bad sorry. [smiles]

  • Russell

    Missionaries don’t pay money to people to get saved. Most missionaries jobs are to help people that are in need, be it in money or in feeding the hungry or digging wells for water. Their other job is to preach the gospel to them. Money cannot buy salvation!

  • jstar1973

    Xtians for Money LOL… From my experience with some Xtians I wouldn’t put it past the at all. They seem hell bent on pushing their beliefs on people. I’ve lost so friendships with (XTians) because they won’t stop nagging me, pushing about Why I should have Christ in my life. I listen the first time just out of politeness, then explain to them never push that crap on me ever again. When they bring it up again 2nd time Ok. I’ll laugh it off., Third time you’re out of my life. Because u don’t respect that I’m w/out religion but not with out an organize faith.

  • Sage

    Mormons in Africa will only give aid to people who will convert and refuse it to those really in need!!

    Afghanistan’s Islamic council told President Hamid Karzai to stop foreign aid groups from converting locals to Christianity and also demanded the reintroduction of public executions.

    Numerous foreign aid groups and charities operating in Afghanistan have strong direct or indirect links to Christian organizations, but they insist they are not proselytizing.

    Some 23 South Korean missionaries, were kidnapped by the Taliban last year and, amongst other things, accused of trying to convert Muslims. Two of the group were murdered before the rest, almost all women, were freed following a complex secret deal.

    There is no doubt that there are BAD christians using aid as a bribe and refusing aid to people who will not convert. Indeed most of the aid groups now require workers to agree not to try and convert people or use aid as a bribe before they are allowed to go to these countries now!!

    That has basically now stopped the kidnapping and killing of aid workers that the christians were provoking!!

  • Saif

    because they fail in persuading and convincing people with christianity

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