Why do I still defend the Catholic Church against Born Again criticism even though I’m now an atheist?

I know a lot of fellow ex-catholics who are the same way. I’ve been an atheist for a while now and don’t believe anything the Catholic church says, but I still get really defensive of it and annoyed when the Fundies/Born Agains/Evangelicals attack Catholicism. Am I mental or what?

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36 Comments to “Why do I still defend the Catholic Church against Born Again criticism even though I’m now an atheist?”

  • Jordan

    because chatholisism is a stable base group the others are seen by many as a bit extreme i to am atheist and would feel twenty times more comfetable with a catholic that a baptist

  • Maddison

    I’m the same, all my mother’s side are catholic and i’m an atheist and so is my dad’s side. yet i still defend their morals and beliefs…to an extent

  • Secularly Speaking

    Probably if you have to ask someone else how you think. Maybe that is why you became atheist.

  • Nate

    Nah you just hate when people have their information totally wrong even when they’re not actually wrong about you.

    I do too.

  • Pagan Mama

    Not mental, I do it too. I don’t agree with their beleifs but when I see outright lies being spread I defend them. I do the same thing for other Christians as well but Catholicism seems to get the most support for me. Honestly, if any of my kids decided to be christian I would rather they be Catholic, as crazy as that sounds lol.

  • BloodBath

    Most dieters regain weight even though they are well aware it is unhealthy

  • lainiebsky

    I was never Catholic and I defend Catholics against those attacks.

    I do it because fundies are so vicious and nasty that I have automatic sympathy for any of their victims. I also hate it when they spread obvious lies.

    Incidentally, I think that’s where the assumption that atheists favor Islam comes from. The urge to defend a fellow target becomes overwhelming sometimes.

  • monkeybumpants

    Habit of a lifetime. Plus you may in some subconscious way be trying to defend your family from criticism.

  • Mario G

    It’s normal. It’s like when you complain about a close relative but get pissed if someone talks smack about them. Besides I still say “si Dios quiere” (God willing in spanish) sometimes.

  • mainlee1

    The catholic church is part of your early identity, and though you personally are over your delusion, you have a tender spot for the part of catholicism that represents the early you.

  • hala!

    probably because you’re still catholic at heart


  • Tiedye D

    It is the way they brainwashed you.

  • davan_ben_noach

    it is a common thing, you will defend what you were raised on, even if you don’t believe in it…………….infact, many times, people will return to what they were raised on later in life, if they have not found something else that is more fulfilling

    people tend to leave something because it is not fulfilling in the way they wanted, but when faced with NOTHING to fill that void even in the slightest, they will return to what they knew earlier in life

  • death awaits

    Your not mental but your family neighbours and friends are still part of the worlds biggest brotherhood/religion. I don’t like Protestants slagging of my church, they’ve a cheek nobody goes to their services. Every Sunday in mass we have people take mass on the steps because we are that full to the rafters. During novena week in my estate people come from all over the world to a tiny little monastery, and its broadcast on the internet worldwide. They forget its only a tiny percentage of priests that have sexually abused kids, it should be zero but a peado is a peado nothing to do with their job or vocation, but protestants love dragging it up, like were all peado’s or something.

    But what i love about being a Catholic most is we take care of our own, in my town we build our own churches and build our own schools, the Protestants make do with wooden shed for their services and average teachers for their kids. We have Jesuits and Christian Brothers with doctorates teaching our kids. I would defend my faith to my last breath, if the Pope ordered us to take arms tomorrow i would do it without question. But when people attack the Catholic church they’re attacking you and your family.

  • BarkingToad

    First off, it’s a matter of self-identification. Some part of you still identify with the catholic position.
    Then again, the born-again fundies’ attacks on catholicism are irrational and stupid, so I tend to jump to the defence of catholicism as well. And I used to be a born-again.

  • satanicrites

    As an ex – Catholic myself i have no intention of protecting them from
    anyone who wants to attack what they think they believe in , i know that their are some priests in the Catholic order who should be bought
    out into the open and ridiculed for what they have done to the young members of their Churches, and the sooner they are bought to justice
    the better , sodomy is not a nice thing to happen to anyone . And the Catholic Church tries to cover it up , so now you will try to defend them for that will you ???

  • P D

    Because Church is more than just religion, you defend the tradition of the place you live in.

  • Dgls57

    This is interesting because I have some friends who are ex catholic’s and they also defend the catholic church whenever I criticise it.
    I know the catholic church is evil, but they will not allow me to ask a question about catholicism because someone on answers is monitoring my questions and they are never posted, maybe someone who works for answers is a catholic.
    I’m sorry I couldn’t give you a reason for your defence towards the catholic’s.

  • Jem M

    I guess to some degree you will always be religious, those early teachings sown are now part of you, my suggestion would be as Jesus said, “Test the Spirits to see if they are of God” not throw out the Bible.

    How you say, spend a little time in the New Testament daily and pray God lead you into REAL TRUTH

  • TiGeR

    I really had a good laugh reading your question; thanks for that.

    In fact you are not mental and you are not an atheist; you are only trying to become an atheist which you really do not want from your inner self. You know that Born again and new found churches are like fast food service which will only ruin spirituality. This knowledge within you makes you defend for Catholic Church.

    By the way, I am not a Catholic.

  • Karen E

    Hi you can put me in the fundie/Born again/evangelical box!. I have Catholic friends, and I know some very alive, evangelical, charismatic believers who choose to worship in a more traditional way. I do have issues with things like the infalibility of the pope, etc, but the basics of the Christian church are the Nicene and Apostles creed (ie Jesus is God, He died in our place, rose again etc) so on the main points we agree – and because we each have a personal relationship with God we can also have fellowship with each other.
    I wish to appologise to you, on behalf of my Christian brothers and sisters, for any offence caused.
    I am very sad to read that you havent found that personal relationship with Jesus, so have decided to throw your faith out. I pray that you will be open to allow Jesus to reveal Himself to you. Blessings.

  • lyn1136

    There is no such thing as an atheist. First you are a theist before you can be anti-theism.

  • Mystic Merlin

    Because you understand what Catholicism is about and you can respect the belief of others. :-)

  • Marysia

    nope just a respectful person who understands people’s beliefs. my old neighbor was the same way – she would even send ME a CHristmas card – religious and i would send her one – non religious — while we disagreed we respected each others beliefs (or non) but she still knew I prayed for her and wasn’t offended!

  • Firebird

    This is because you are still a Catholic at heart.

  • LH Catholic By Choice

    I think it is simply because you being raised as a Catholic know the truth of what Catholics teach and it’s no more than defending truth and not letting lies distort it. In other words you have a emotional attachment whether you believe in it’s teachings or not.

  • http://www.bible-reviews.com

    Perhaps you are opposed to invalid criticism in general. Or, perhaps, you simply retain an emotional attachment to the Roman Catholic Church for some reason even though you choose to no longer believe its teachings.

    Jim, http://www.bible-reviews.com/selector_rc.html

  • Catholic Mythbuster


    It’s possible you still have some fond memories of your days as a Catholic.

    That, and the Fundies/Born Agains/Evangelicals are the same who are attacking your lack of faith.

  • Chris

    You defend them, because you’re an unbeliever, and catholics are unbelievers. The world loves its own.

  • Innocent Victim

    I defend the Masonic lodge, even though I’ve never been a member, and as an atheist, never will be. The reason I do so is that my Dad was a Mason, and I know that the ravings against the Masons that I see here are just untrue. You, like me, defend Truth.

  • Jim ((C.A.B.))

    No, you’re not mental, lol. Those fundies can indeed get pretty darn annoying! They know nothing about Catholic doctrine, yet they feel they have the authority to tell we Catholics what our church teaches.

    Could it possibly be a calling from the Lord?

  • no fixed address

    You can defend Catholicism by reason and the facts of history alone, but you won’t be very effective if you are not living and practicing the faith. I’m no saint, but I do see a difference in the quality of my writing when I am in tune with God. Whether you believe that I couldn’t care less.

  • Laura

    Because there’s a difference between disliking something for legitimate reasons, and committing slander to make that thing look bad.

    I’m not Catholic anymore either, and I dislike a lot of the RCC’s views, but that doesn’t change the fact that Catholics are indeed a kind of Christian, that they don’t worship saints or statues, and that the Pope is not a Babylonian prostitute. (I believe that city is called Baghdad now, by the way.)

    There is nothing wrong with stating the facts about a religion, even if you don’t agree with that religion. In fact, I’d say the BA’s that attack Catholicism are at fault for not learning the history of their own religion, and attacking their own brothers and sisters in faith. If you believe God gave you a brain, then USE IT!

  • Nintendo Girl

    Atheists are more likely to believe in freedom to actually choose your religion.

  • Kate

    Well, it’s possible that even though you don’t believe in Catholicism, you’re aware that the fundies aren’t actually telling the truth about Catholicism. I bet if they attacked in a truthful manner, you’d be less defensive.

    Not being Catholic doesn’t mean, you want people to spread lies.

  • James O

    You have a sense of fair play
    and you know hateful nonsense when you read it

    The Papist Haters, Muslim -Haters,Hindu-Haters,Orthodox Christian Haters etc are the ones who put the “Mental” in and take the “fun” out of Fundamentalism.

    Catholic Hate is their oldest hatred in their churchianity tradition

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